Hrvatski Telekom: New B2B advertising services portfolio

In order to better serve the B2B market, our subsidiary in Croatia has consolidated its advertising portfolio for local business customers into three effective pillars: PayTV, Internet, and mobile.

The B2B market is by nature strongly segmented and challenging to target. Hrvatski Telekom aimed at addressing these different segments with its products while launching services quickly and optimizing their monetization potential and hence customer benefit. The solution: A portfolio of unique advertising services combined with a dedicated orgnization, the Hrvatski Telekom New Media and Digital Services Department, bundling experience from various industries in the B2B market.

Hrvatski Telekom’s expertise in PayTV advertising and Internet advertising allows business customers to achieve better business results via consumerSeiten aus KUPON2GO_ENG_brochure reachand more sales leads. The third marketing channel in the new combined portfolio focuses on the very active mobile market with high monetization potential
for B2B customers. Take, for example, the mobile advertising solution „Kupon2Go“ which selects, suggests and sends relevant location-based offers to customers via real-time SMS text messages. End customers using “Kupon2Go” will register as subscribers – they download the app and select categories like food, fashion, automotive, telecommunication, etc. As soon as they reach the physical vicinity of a store, their mobile phone receives information on special discounts, promotions or campaigns – according to their preferences.  Brands, promotions and campaigns can now reach the right audience at the right place and time – instead of simply showering customers with unfocused offers.

Regardless if PayTV, Internet or mobile: With the newly bundled portfolio, Hrvatski Telekom’s business customers can choose their preferred advertising product best meeting their needs and those of their customers.
Watch our video for more information:

Want to read more about the new advertising portfolio of Hrvatski Telekom? Click here (available in Croatian).
Learn more about Hrvatski Telekom’s Internet advertising portfolio (available in Croatian).

Author: Branka Bajt Media and Digital Services Department Director Hrvatski Telekom
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