International Business Wall of Fame 2015 contest: the Winners

More than 200 developers submitted entries, over 42,000 customers in eight European countries voted on numerous solutions for addressing for example intelligent buildings, the public sector / smart cities as well as transport & logistics. Now the jury has chosen the best Internet of Things innovations among them. All award-winning solutions have one thing in common: They make work easier for business customers.

“Where is my key?” 4.0 IoT access control protects your building from 1.0 thieves!

This year’s award for the Best International Internet of Things Business Solution goes to Accessium Kft from Hungary. With e-Access the company offers its customers an innovative cloud-based IoT access control system for office buildings. The solution allows an unlimited number of unified and interconnected locations to interact and can be operated remotely from anywhere. The award also supports the marketing of this clever idea: Accessium Kft wins a marketing campaign worth €10,000 in DT’s European footprint reaching up to 10.8 million business customers.

In the national categories for the Best IoT Business Solution the award for each of the winners is a national marketing campaign worth €30,000. The winners are:

•    LineMetrics in Austria. This solution provides an easy to install and use sensor based self improvement platform for European SMEs.
•    MagSense from Mobilisis in Croatia is an enabler of online car park and garage utilization that reduces pollution.
•    KIWI from Germany is another intelligent solution that makes physical keys obsolete. With KIWI installed, front doors unlock automatically, using a transponder or app.
•    Tourismart from Greece is an all-in-one mobile app solution connecting hoteliers with guests.
•    BCON Wireless Socket from SMD Smart Electronics in Macedonia enables a solution for wireless internet regulation of business customers’ devices and helps monitoring the company.
•    PARKING+PLUS from Romania implements an intelligent solution managing corporate parking spaces during working hours, granting ad-hoc parking access for events and renting out spare parking space.
•    ProfitUp from Slovakia is a business intelligence solution designed to collect, process and analyze large amounts of retail data from various sources.

In all eight countries Deutsche Telekom was also looking for the Best Supporter of the voted-on IoT Business Solutions. All business customers who voted could in addition become a supporter of their favorite IoT solution and win a national marketing campaign together with the solution of their choice worth up to €20,000.

More information on the international winner and the eight national champions and their best supporters can be found on our contest website:


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