Makedonski Telekom and T-Mobile Macedonia Merge

July 1, 2015 marked the day when Makedonski Telekom and T-Mobile Macedonia officially became one company. T-Mobile Macedonia is now completely integrated into Makedonski Telekom. Let’s have a look at the benefits for their customers.

After the merger, the new Makedonski Telekom will offer both fixed and mobile services as an integrated telecommunications provider to its customers. This step mirrors the development of the ICT market in Macedonia and it shows how Deutsche Telekom is yet again at the vanguard of technology and ICT: Makedonski Telekom was the first provider in Europe to introduce an All-IP network and the first in Macedonia to introduce 4G mobile network coverage at highest speed.

The main goal of the merger is to provide fixed-line, mobile and converged services to customers from a single legal entity instead of two. The merger is fully in line with the strategy of Deutsche Telekom Group to become the leading integrated European telecommunications provider while also seeking further improved cost efficiency. As a result, both business and private customers will benefit from the pooled expertise ofthe merged company after the merger. This will help create superior products and encourage the development of additional converged services. Makedonski Telekom will further strengthen its position as a technology leader and driver of change in the region.

Andreas Maierhofer - CEO of Makedonski Telekom

Andreas Maierhofer, Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom, explains why he is convinced the new Makedonski Telekom will be a total success:

“We will become more effective and more streamlined operationally and in our decision–making process; we will optimise operational expenditures, providing us with an even better position in the market. This will enable us to fully dedicate ourselves to our customers: Offering innovative convergent services via latest technologies and improving customer experience at the same time. We were and we will remain the biggest investor in the Macedonian market and guarantee strong development of the telecommunication industry.”



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