Business Wall of Fame: Let’s celebrate the winners

The latest innovations for the Internet of Things. And Vienna’s striking mumok Museum of Modern Art: The perfect combination for an exceptional ceremony. Last week, Deutsche Telekom exhibited the best entries in this year’s Business Wall of Fame competition during an awards event where the art of innovation became the museum’s focus.

Oliver Gediehn, Vice President of BEX – Business Marketing, Deutsche Telekom Europe and Technology, acted as master of ceremonies in awarding the overall winner. Also eight national champions were recognized for their efforts in devising the Best International Internet of Things Business Solution.

The trophy for the best international IoT solution award was presented to Péter Berende and László Solymosi from Hungary’s Accessium, which won with its cloud-based IoT access control system for office buildings. As a part of the €10,000 pan-European marketing campaign for their concept, Oliver announced that Accessium will join Telekom as an international partner at the IFSEC international security show next June in London. During the ceremony, top managers from Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiaries also joined Oliver on stage to hand out trophies to the eight winners from their relative companies.

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Technology moves fast – especially on the Internet of Things – and this year’s competition has already spawned several collaborations. The first and most tasty one marked the ceremony when Budapest chocolate maker Chocofacture presented its own works of art in the form of an Accessium logo for all to sample. It was no accident: Chocofacture won a €10,000 national marketing campaign as a supporter of the cloud-based access solution.

Others were just as enthusiastic about Parking+Plus. Mobilisis, which won in Croatia with its Magsense parking lot management app, has begun working with Parking+Plus to make life easier for motorists. And Romanian hospital operator ABICADEM – which won as a supporter of Parking+Plus – will also begin working with the company to make finding a parking spot in downtown Bucharest easier for its customers.

Oliver Gediehn, Vice President of BEX – Business Marketing, Deutsche Telekom Europe and Technology, and event sponsor stated:
“It was very exciting to meet with and talk to the creative minds behind the competing concepts. They’ve developed unique ways for technology to help businesses do business better. There is nothing more modern than the Internet of Things and Vienna’s modern art museum is the perfect backdrop for displaying what lies ahead of us.”

See more impressions from ceremony at BWoF Facebook page:



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