Successful Launch of Global M2M Service in Poland

The IDC Internet of Things (IoT) Conference in Warsaw on September 15th was the perfect opportunity to officially launch our M2M Cross Border Service in Poland. This was the second time that T-Mobile Poland was the main sponsor of this IoT event organized by IDC. This year’s main message from T-Mobile was: “We are ready for global IoT and M2M with our cross-border service platform. You can rely on T-Mobile in the growing field of networking everyday devices via the Internet.”

T-Mobile Poland’s M2M team, with support from our colleagues at M2M Europe and T-Mobile Austria, presented our M2M Cross Border offer. Vit Soupal, Head of M2M/IoT and Big Data marketing EU, talked about the journey from M2M to the Internet of Things, emphasizing the importance of T-Mobile in creating this new networked world of devices, enabling both local and global connectivity, as well as device management. Moreover, T-Mobile is ready for advanced predictive maintenance and big data analytics related to M2M and IoT.

We are now able to offer our M2M services not only in Poland but all across our European footprint. The companies with a demand for M2M services across the CEE region can now rely on us as their M2M expert. The connectivity management platform and national roaming capabilities make our cross-border offer unique in the Polish M2M market. It enables us to differentiate ourselves with clear advantages over our local competitors. Our M2M sales team was on-site and took the opportunity to speak to T-Mobile M2M customers and potential clients about the platform, market awareness and generating leads.

The Internet of Things is on everyone’s agenda right now – and it certainly is on ours. During the conference we presented some of our best connected devices – networked razors, for example. They can automatically order new blades before your supply runs out right from your bathroom. Together with Cisco, our long-time strategic partner and worldwide leader in IT, we were able to demonstrate our joint expertise on this hot topic. Konrad Napieralski, Cisco’s IoT leader in Poland, presented successful IoT solutions in smart cities, mining and commerce.

Author: Editorial Team
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