Deutsche Telekom and Cisco: Sharing the same DNA

Digitisation used to mean simply migrating analogue approaches to customers, products, services, and operating models to an always-on, real-time, and information-rich marketplace. But these days, digitisation is even more: Technology research firm Gartner describes it as “the degree to which an enterprise’s products and service value and revenues are realized through technology.”

But how does this new digitised world affect the business of Deutsche Telekom and its partnerships? We asked Jeremy Bevan, Vice President EMEA Marketing at Cisco Systems, about his view on the impact of digitisation: “A much more connected world gives our businesses whole new ways to operate, to connect with each other and most importantly, drives whole new business models.”

As strategic partners, the joint goal of Deutsche Telekom and Cisco is first and foremost the customer experience. With Cisco being the worldwide leader in IT and networking, the strong partnership with us is the ideal way to drive new innovations, products and solutions that customers really care about. And with our combined expertise and local operating teams working closely with customers, it is also revolutionising the way technology is consumed.


This requires us to focus on how our customers operate and how we need to engage with them. Whether our teams are doing business in the B2B or B2C world, research shows that customers want to interact in the digital world. However, sometimes when the time is right, face-to-face communication is still crucial. By working together, Deutsche Telekom and Cisco are constantly striving to create a seamless experience offering their customers exactly the kind of interaction they want. The result: joint offerings such as CloudVPN, CloudNET and Cisco Powered IaaS leading to high customer satisfaction.

In practice this means that our business customers receive Cisco-based DT cloud and managed services and hardware from just one source. Both our teams want to continue to have a great impact by providing only the highest quality services and products.


Author: Editorial Team
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