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The first phase of the European Commission’s Public-Private Partnership for the next generation – 5G – of communication infrastructure is underway (5G PPP) and Deutsche Telekom is playing an active role in the key research and development set to benefit both Europe and the wider world.

The mobile (r)evolution continues: GSM, UMTS, and LTE have become realities. Now, also 5G infrastructures are on the horizon. Starting with simple mobile phones that quickly became smartphones, soon everyday objects all around us will become “smart” and networked. 5G will completely change the way we communicate. And with over 200 mobile operators, Europe is predestined to play a crucial role in the development of this new worldwide communication standard. That’s why the European Commission, together with industry manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and researchers, started 5G PPP. The initiative will create the next generation of communication networks providing super-fast connectivity and seamless service delivery at all times.

But the main challenge for 5G PPP is to secure leadership in those areas where Europe is already strong or has the potential to help develop new markets such as smart cities, e-health, intelligent transport, education, entertainment and media. This can be achieved by delivering valuable solutions, architectures, technologies, and standards contributing to 5G development. Deutsche Telekom – as a leading integrated player – will play a key role in actively promoting ideas and solutions as we head towards this new quantum leap in mobile technology.

The 5G PPP initiative consists of three phases. The first phase – already in early implementation – focuses general research, whereas the second and third phases will conclude prototype roll-out and large field studies. 5G is set to be ready for the market by 2020.

But what are the advantages of 5G and how is it better than the previous generations of communication infrastructures?  

  • 1,000 times more mobile data volume per geographical area
  • 10 to 100 times more connected devices
  • 10 to 100 times faster typical user data rate
  • 10 times lower energy consumption
  • End-to-End latency of < 1ms
  • Ubiquitous 5G access including in low density areas

But 5G will not just satisfy end users. It also addresses the needs of B2B customers from verticals in various industries: Automotive, e-health, smart cities, energy, smart grid, industry 4.0 – 5G will become THE driving force for the B2B sector in Europe and worldwide.

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5G PPP’s first phase is organised into a total of 19 projects and Deutsche Telekom is involved in eight of these. All of them focus access technologies and the core network, as well as virtualisation and modularisation of the network infrastructure.
Let’s have a look at some of them:

METIS-II builds on the successful METIS project and will develop the overall 5G radio access network design. It will also provide the technical enablers needed for an efficient integration and use of the 5G technologies and components currently developed.

5G Novel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture (5G NORMA)
The key objective of 5G NORMA is to develop a conceptually novel, adaptive and future-proof 5G mobile network architecture.

5G Exchange (5GEx)
5GEx aims to enable cross-domain orchestration of services by multiple administrations or by multi-domain single administrations.

This is a B2B-related research project dealing with virtual and programmable industrial network prototypes deployed in an operational wind park. The project will introduce software defined networking principle for the communication infrastructure in wind-park scenarios, in principle for the vertical sector energy.

5G will allow Deutsche Telekom and the rest of Europe to meet the rising expectations and requirements of consumers and industry in terms of speed and energy consumption. Whether building a smart city, connecting a hospital or driving into the future with a networked car – 5G will make all of this possible.

See all 5G PPP projects here:
Get all the details on 5G here:


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