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Being partners on ICT markets is a challenge. Understanding early on what partners offer regarding innovation and knowledge about customer perspectives is key to successful partnerships. Deutsche Telekom has just been prestigiously awarded with the World Media Award for our way of facilitating this.

There are many ways to ensure you partner for success. And streamlining the way you create an onset understanding about just what partners are able to contribute is certainly one of the best. Yet, it is not only lengthy management rounds and workshops that affect this. Sometimes a contest campaign will do the trick nicely.

Deutsche Telekom has just won the 2016 World Media Award for their very successful Business Wall of Fame campaign! And in doing so, it notably prevailed against strong campaign competitors like Vodafone and Microsoft!

The World Media Award is run by World Media Group, a strategic alliance of worldwide leading publication platforms including Bloomberg, The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, National Geographic, Newsweek, The New York Times, TIME and The Wall Street Journal.

The international Jury of independent international experts awarded Deutsche Telekom on how we communicate to our business customers, building their awareness of us and our position in the market regarding exciting, innovative and growth topics such as the Internet of Things. More specifically, our ability was praised to engage effectively with a challenging audience in getting our customers via a selected group of future partners to “do their brand” for them. An ability that found expression in more than 28 million campaign site impressions across all channels and markets as well as a dedicated social media activity generating over  775,000 responses (likes, shares or comments) based on 161 apps submitted for award consideration and 42,000 business customers who voted and expressed according interest in the Deutsche Telekom offering.

The Business Wall of Fame campaign targeted Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, and Greece and showcased new partners along with their IoT innovations. In the first phase it encouraged developers to participate and contribute ideas. Phase two asked small and medium enterprise customers to vote for the applications they felt were most likely to succeed. Overall, the campaign identified a number of valuable IoT solutions with high sales potential for our business portfolio, that will soon also be communicated on our blog.

Author: Editorial Team
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