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  • Published: May 23, 2016
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To be the #1 – in business, that’s all that counts around the globe, regardless of the company’s size: from small and medium enterprises to large corporations. This is why we have added a new offering to our business customers’ portfolio: MagentaONE Business. See how it helps to take up and solve their daily business challenges.

Focusing on the essentials is an ability that all #1 businesses have in common. For business owners and executives it is key since they don’t only need to excel in their day-to-day business; they must also make strategic decisions and bear the responsibility for them.

Digital innovations can help to stay focused on the important tasks. A one-stop shop solution like MagentaONE Business is specifically designed to work smartly and securely while also saving time – to be used in turn by #1s to further expand their business.

An all-in-one solution for all fixed, mobile, and IT needs is what MagentaONE Business provides for small and midrange companies. It contains everything customers need and want: high-class connectivity, smart working solutions, security solutions for devices, data and networks as well as first-rate customer care and the integration of all services on one contract and one bill.

Who can profit from MagentaONE Business? Every business that wants to work smart! Working smart means to accomplish your business goals and make your company thrive without wasting time – for instance a photographer needing to share a huge amount of data with his customers. MagentaONE Business would simplify that by uploading all photos into the MagentaONE Business Cloud, auto-copying each photo to prevent any of them from being lost as a result of accidental deletion. Secure and real-time data transmission between the cloud and various devices like computers, tablets or mobile phones allows access to the photos from anywhere and at all times.

Or take, for that matter, pharmaceutical laboratories needing to satisfy their customers with excellent work performance. MagentaONE Business simplifies that. Smart working solutions allow entire teams to access relevant information in real time from any device. It is even possible to edit the same document from different locations and at the same time. A dedicated customer care service – in case the laboratory owner runs into any difficulties – and a comprehensive security package with high-quality antivirus software, security applications and firewalls complete the offer.

Great ideas benefit from experienced partners. Startups in particular need simple and workable solutions. A newly established food delivery service that communicates with its customers via the Internet requires an excellent connectivity solution. MagentaONE Business provides trustworthy and cost-effective Unified Communication & Collaboration services. They enable customer queries to be answered from any device and an automatic call-through to the right contact person can be installed. The result: no call will be missed! A professional videoconferencing tool brings everyone even closer together – across most businesses.

To work smartly and safely is both easy and enjoyable with MagentaONE Business. The one-stop shop experience with professional service ensures that there is only a single contract and one contact person to help with all problems.

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