Challenge Up! reveals 12 promising start-ups of European IoT scene

IoT startups and their innovations can help us to organize our time better, and even protect or save our lives. This is why Deutsche Telekom, along with Intel and Cisco, launched the IoT accelerator program, “Challenge Up!”. Twelve startups have been chosen by hub:raum in Krakow. They can now develop their ideas further in the hope of winning co-investment from the corporations.

Industry experts and analysts predict that we are heading towards a future where everything will be connected. As a result, excitement is building around the Internet of Things (IoT) and anticipation is rising about its potential – it’s a flagship example of an industry where business is booming. Despite the buzz surrounding the IoT, however, end-to-end solutions for the Internet of Things are proving to be a challenge for the industry and its spectators. With an understanding of the demands and constraints relating to the IoT in today’s landscape, Intel, Cisco, and hub:raum (by Deutsche Telekom) have teamed up to address the challenges and support the next pioneer in the IoT field. The Challenge Up! IoT accelerator is targeted at startups that innovate and disrupt their markets, to drive the rest of the world to realize the potential of being increasingly connected.

We present 12 potential IoT disruptors and encourage you to track their future actions:

  • Ayyeka | Israel |
    Ayyeka develops end-to-end remote monitoring solutions that streamline and secure the process of bringing field data to decision-makers and SCADA systems, enabling smart infrastructure and environmental networks.
  • BeeBryte | France |
    BeeBryte has invented an intelligent energy storage system connected to the electrical meter of commercial industrial buildings, minimizing its clients’ utility bills and resulting in savings of up to 40 percent.
  • Dynamic Components | Germany |
    With its XME technology, Dynamic Components provides a distributed data integration platform which connects embedded systems such as machines and sensors, by uniquely combining real-time and flexible play capabilities.
  • Emerald Air | Poland |
    Emerald Air is a complete system (hardware and app), that monitors and cleans the air around you to protect your family from sickness.
  • eParkomat | Czech Republic |
    eParkomat – formerly T-Parking – is a unique platform and algorithm that uses cellular signaling data from mobile networks to predict the occupancy rate of parking spots in the street with an accuracy of up to 96 percent, using no additional hardware such as cameras, sensors, or drones.
  • Incelligent | Greece |
    Incelligent provides a software framework that enables telecom operators to optimize their network in real time, improving customer retention processes and monetizing big data.
  • NFWare | Germany |
    NFWare develops the world’s fastest virtualized IP routing software for carriers’ networks and data centers. The technology makes it possible to process hundreds of gigabits of traffic faster than hardware, running on standard x86 servers in NFV and cloud environments.
  • Smart Worker | Austria |
    Smart Worker’s wearable services solution, Kisoft WebEye, brings the latest technology to service and augmented reality. Kisoft WebEye drastically reduces the time to fix, which saves valuable time and expense.  Learning from experts, Kisoft WebEye delivers step-by-step, intuitive, and efficient training.
  • TERAKI | Germany |
    TERAKI offers big data optimization solutions from any type of IoT sensor. Based on their core technology and other techniques, they offer a unique way of sending relevant information from any sensor source and reproducing the original dataset at the destination.
  • Toposens | Germany |
    Toposens builds innovative 3D sensor technology which can perceive its surroundings via ultrasound in real time.
  • VisionLabs | Russia |
    VisionLabs is a visual recognition company. According to LFW independent benchmarks, VisionLabs is one of the three best commercial facial recognition technologies in the world.
  • WICASTR | UK |
    WICASTR is a patented, smart wireless platform that facilitates the creation of wireless networks for content distribution everywhere.

These 12 startups have made it through the Selection Days and now have seven months of business acceleration ahead of them together with Intel, Cisco, and Deutsche Telekom. They will attend acceleration meetings across Europe, leading them towards the end of their Challenge Up! journey: During the summit, the finalists will pitch their joint success stories to corporate executives, clients, and investors. Who will be the lucky one launching their IoT solution commercially? We’ll keep you posted!

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