Managed Services: Driver of Transformation

An essential capability of ICT service providers is to supply resources to facilitate transformation. Smart organizations consciously decide not to distract key internal ICT staff from their operating responsibilities. Instead they leverage the specialized skillsets and capabilities of personnel of ICT Managed Services providers. These personnel drive effective transformation by overseeing management of legacy equipment, upgrading or replacing technology infrastructure, and providing ongoing services to troubleshoot problems and optimize the ICT environment.

There was a time when Managed Services providers could focus on “break fix”: device monitoring and individual incident fixes. The complex demands of true company-wide digital transformation programs have led Managed Services providers to offer more comprehensive services that bridge the gap between strategy and operations. Managed Services providers now supply a wide range of personnel and services to drive truly comprehensive, transformative solutions while strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the current business.

What Transformational Managed Services Does

Managed Services providers that support enterprise transformation work with their clients as follows:

  • They communicate and collaborate with management, functional heads and project teams within the customer’s business.
  • Managed Services providers have moved well beyond tactical value propositions that outsourcing as a less expensive way to perform existing operations. They seek to facilitate transformation that goes well beyond a narrow focus on reducing operating expenditure (OpEx). They aspire to help their clients deploy new ICT services that improve the way they collaborate, take advantage of Big Data, develop new products to meet shifting market demand and innovate new business models.
  • In return, enterprises that are serious about radical business and ICT transformation know that bargain priced services won’t achieve the full range of positive transformation outcomes.
  • The most advanced and skilled Managed Services providers, who have transformed their own company’s mission and capabilities, are best suited to provide these benefits for enterprise customers.

Deutsche Telekom’s Journey

Deutsche Telekom understands the journey described above because we have made it ourselves. Balancing innovation with pragmatism, we have developed the vision and capabilities to deliver services that will accelerate our customers’ digital transformation. We understand the leadership and complex organizational dynamics required to drive extraordinary business outcomes for our customers. We partner with industry leaders like Cisco to help customers achieve these results. Our outcomes-based approach enables us to be a trusted partner to our clients, managing the complex opportunities and risks of a transformational journey. We relish the challenges of helping our customers win in the global business marketplace in the 21st century.

Author: George Nistor Senior ICT Sales and Business Development Deutsche Telekom AG
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