How Deutsche Telekom Helps Cities Go Smart with EU Funding

Cities all over Europe are going smart. City officials in municipalities from Spain to Greece are taking their urban community to the next level and securing its success for generations to come. Deutsche Telekom is a trusted partner with a proven track record of enabling decision-makers to understand the potential of Smart City solutions with EU funding.

The word on everybody’s lips is “smart.” Over the past eighteen months, support for digital answers to the needs of the modern city has snowballed. City officials recognize the rewards they can reap from innovation: Smart Cities are future-proof, they are sustainable, and they make for more equal societies. Deutsche Telekom has followed this growing momentum and built up second-to-none experience in guiding cities through the transition process.

The European Union also understands this window of opportunity for cities and communities across the continent. The EU has put the urban dimension at the very heart of its 2014–2020 Cohesion Policy. With funding streams dedicated to boosting innovation, billions of Euros have been made available to help cities make Smart City solutions a reality throughout the EU. This initial funding will accelerate the implementation of smart infrastructure, helping to establish sustainable projects that will be of immense financial, social, and environmental benefit in the long-term.

With an established network of partners all over Europe, Deutsche Telekom is ideally placed to offer in-depth advice and guidance to give cities the best chance at understanding the funding options for their innovative ideas. Its support is founded on a deep understanding of the funding and implementation process, and it is ready to share tried-and-tested business models with aspiring Smart Cities. Deutsche Telekom understands that investment in information and communications technology (ICT) is the way forward in the digital age. This makes it the perfect partner to help navigate the pathway to EU funding for smart solutions.

The possibilities of Smart Cities are endless. From improving public safety to reducing pollution, improving efficiency and making a real improvement to citizens’ daily life, innovation is always the answer. Deutsche Telekom offers unparalleled support to help understand the process involved. With the help of EU funding and Deutsche Telekom’s substantial experience in the field, city officials can seize the moment and make their Smart City vision a reality.

In a nutshell:

  • now is the moment to transform into a Smart City
  • billions of Euros are available in EU funding
  • Deutsche Telekom offers unrivalled experience in the field
  • choose a trusted partner for advice, guidance, and support
Author: Michael Frank Advisor for Top-Level projects Magyar Telekom
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