Coming soon: WiFi4EU promises free Wi Fi 4U

Free Wi Fi for everyone may sound like an dream, but it could soon become a reality throughout Europe when the European Commission’s WiFi4EU project is fully implemented by 2020 to support Europe’s digital future. Deutsche Telekom is playing a leading role in bringing this project to life, enabling cities across our CEE footprint to offer free, high-speed Wi Fi connectivity to citizens and visitors in all types of public spaces, as well as on public transport.

In fact, our new WiFi4EU solution, which is part of our expanding smart city solutions portfolio for the CEE region, will also provide coverage in indoor and outdoor areas that previously had no Wi‑Fi connection at all, enabling a much better user experience and supporting the overall operation of a city.

Our solution, developed in collaboration with Cisco, offers a number of different advantages. For citizens and tourists- imagine being able to surf the web at no cost while standing in a museum or a city park, accessing useful local applications and services that help you better navigate your way around.

For the city itself, we provide a fully customized, secure and managed solution to ensure the smooth running of the WiFi4EU service. Benefits include real-time and historic crowd monitoring information that contributes towards the improvement of city services. In addition, we offer an application that contains a holistic city-wide view across all Smart Connected Communities’ domains.

Still think ubiquitous free Wi-Fi is an ambitious dream? Just keep an eye out for new WiFi4EU hotspots near you.

Author: László Tóth Project Director, T-Systems Hungary
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