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In these more technologically sophisticated times, we take many things for granted that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Entire industries have been transformed by the arrival of new digital technologies that enable us to conduct much of our lives online. The annual largest ICT event in the CEE region for corporations and public sector, T-Systems Hungary Symposium, which is taking place in Budapest on 28th November, this year with the theme “building the digital future”, aims to provide insights into smart solutions that will define many aspects of our future lives.

Take the banking sector, for example. For those who have grown up in the smartphone era, the idea of actually going to a bricks-and-mortar banking establishment now belongs firmly in the past. Remember the days when you had to go to an actual branch to set up a standing order or a direct debit mandate? In developed markets, it’s now possible to carry out basic tasks like these online and on mobile devices. The management of banking transactions has also improved, and we can now make and receive payments on the same day rather than waiting up to three days or more for certain  transaction to be processed.

Banks have certainly come a long way in the last few decades. Yet they still face many challenges as they seek to build a sustainable digital future. One of the biggest challenges is how to implement instant payments. This is an area we will explore in great depth during the Symposium. Indeed, T-Systems Hungary is already working on this very issue with banks in Hungary, and has brought in banking, technology and IT experts to share their experiences of faster payment system implementations in the UK and Singapore.

Deep dive into fintech and insurtech trends
The Symposium will, of course, closely examine other trends and developments in the financial technology (fintech) and insurance technology (insurtech) industries throughout the CEE region, with presentations from McKinsey and others. Furthermore, Raiffeisen Bank International, OTP Bank Hungary and MKB Bank will share with us their first-hand experiences of fintech accelerator programmes and fintech labswe should skip this yellowed sentence During the Symposium, there will also be live demos of video customer identification, mobile ID, virtual voice assistants and chatbots, GDPR as a service, and more.

Industry 4.0, smart cities and digital healthcare
On top of that, sessions held during the T-Systems Hungary Symposium will delve into smart solutions for other vertical sectors including manufacturing and industry, smart cities, healthcare, retail, media, IT security, and public administration. For example, one of the key players in the global tyre manufacturing industry will provide an insider’s view into the cutting-edge technologies that will contribute to their long-term and sustainable performance in the market. The session will also explore new trends in the business intelligence sector, such as analytics and decision making.

We’ll also discuss the ramifications of turning cities into “smart” cities, and how this brings fundamental and tangible infrastructural changes to citizens’ lives. Cyber security is of course of key importance in the IT space, and we will discuss possible answers to future cyber security issues.

Since the host city for the event is Budapest, it’s also worth noting here that 2017 marks an important milestone in the transformation of the Hungarian healthcare system with the introduction of a national healthcare system, the Electronic Health Service Space. We’ll show what can be achieved through the  new generation of hospital information systems, and present the social benefits and business consequences of digital healthcare.

About the Symposium
The T-Systems Hungary Symposium takes place as usual at the at the Budapest Congress Center on 28 November 2017, and around 2,000 visitors are expected to be present. The packed agenda includes close to 60 presentations and eight breakout sessions during what has become the ICT industry’s most significant — and now traditional — one-day professional conference.

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Author: Réka Szalkai Head of Marketing Communication and Campaign Management, T-Systems Hungary
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