5 reasons why Office 365 is the best office software

This article is not taken from a recycled Microsoft promotional leaflet, and I will not receive any particular reward for it besides a few likes. It is my honest conviction that there is no better choice than Office 365 on the market today. Let me give you the five main reasons why.

1. 1 TB of cloud storage
No, I won’t estimate how many documents, spreadsheets, photos or other files you can fit into that much storage. Suffice to say that one terabyte is a lot. It is so much, in fact, that no ordinary user with common-sized documents or spreadsheets could ever need that much space.

Additionally, this storage is located in a secure cloud, so your contents will be safe even if you lose or destroy one notebook a month. No data of yours will ever go missing again if you keep it safely stowed in the cloud. You will be the only one who can access it, and you will have full control over what you share with whom. And the only thing you will need for all of this is an Internet connection.

2. Professional e-mail
You’re probably wondering what I mean by “professional”. Surely an e-mail is an e-mail, no matter what it contains? Well yes, but: As a company, you need to be sure that your e-mail is working. You want a guaranteed availability rate of more than 99 percent. You also want to be assured that your e-mails are securely stored and will never get lost.

You almost certainly don’t want your documents to be machine-read for ad-targeting purposes. If possible, you would even like to get rid of annoying spam entirely. I am also willing to bet that you would sleep better at night if you knew that your e-mails were being scanned by several top security solutions before they arrived in your mailbox. How much better would you feel if you could open attachments knowing for sure that you won’t install ransomware or phishing code on your device in the process?

Perhaps you want to set up your e-mail in such a way as to make it impossible to forward or open from anywhere outside of your company. You can also disable printing or taking screenshots of attachments. Of course, having all of that mailbox space adds a big element of comfort. You can forget about those mandatory weekly cleanups of your limited-capacity inbox. With Office 365, your mailbox is big enough to keep them all and still always have room for more. That is what’s “professional” about the service you get when you use Office 365 e-mails.

3. Continuous improvement
Microsoft is one of the world’s major corporations, and the number of talented engineers working on the development of Office 365 far exceeds the potential of any common-sized software company. It is no surprise, then, that Office 365 launches an average of two improvements every day, from tiny adjustments in Excel functions to completely new applications like Planner.
You can rest easy knowing that Microsoft is taking care of you – evaluating the experiences of millions of users, developing new ways to make your work easy and effective, or even buying companies like LinkedIn for billions of dollars to create new synergies in Office 365 in the near future. Enjoy the fact that you pay the same subscription but get more and more value out of it every month.

4. Pay only for what you actually need
It is no longer necessary to buy and configure your own servers. Huge one-off investments can be time-spread into monthly payments without paying any interest rate to a bank. Still, investing in your own infrastructure can make sense if you are a stable and rich corporation with your own skillful IT department. Larger customers get significant discounts when buying hundreds of licenses and dozens of servers.

For an SME or a startup, however, Office 365 represents a unique opportunity to get access to the best modern technologies through monthly subscriptions with total flexibility. Even medium-sized companies with their own IT department may find it reasonable in many cases to rely on a provider, as it allows them to outsource all the hassle and better manage their cash-flow.

Have you recently signed a big contract and hired 10 temporary workers? No problem: You can lease Office 365 for them and pay only two monthly subscriptions. When the project is finished, you can just unsubscribe. Do you think you need to upgrade to a better Office 365 subscription? That’s fine – simply click and subscribe the better one. Did you change your mind? Just switch back. You pay only for what you subscribe.

Forget the long deliberations about whether to buy a new version of something or stick with the old one. With an Office 365 subscription, you always get the latest versions of everything.

5. Microsoft is a standard
Like it or not, Microsoft is a standard. There are clones of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, to be sure, but if you don’t want to risk having your customers see some mishmash instead of your perfectly formatted document, Microsoft Office is the only way to go. I would also mention Outlook, which has for many years been considered the best application for working with e-mails and calendars. I personally know people who subscribe Office 365 only because of Outlook.

Office 365 runs on iPhone, iPad, Mac as well as Android. Long gone are the days when Microsoft was at war with other platforms. Today, the customer’s comfort comes first, and Microsoft cooperates closely with its competitors. Last, but not least, comes the issue of compliance with legislation. Microsoft has a huge legal department taking care of its products’ compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Let’s be honest: Who has the time and energy to constantly monitor every EU directive? Not just the current, but also the upcoming ones. Customers who use Office 365 don’t need to worry about these things.

Using Office 365 will help you to stay safe even from the draconian sanctions associated with the GDPR EU directive. Featuring advanced security, being regularly subjected to independent audits, and benefiting from the goodwill of authorities along with a very long list of relevant certifications, Office 365 is unparalleled by other providers. That may well be one of the reasons why it is so successful among lawyers, doctors and public officials.

I am not suggesting that Office 365 is the one and only way to go for all customers. There are some interesting alternatives, which for various reasons may be better suited to the specific needs of certain companies. Nevertheless, Office 365 is always a safe bet. It is the most widely used office software in the world, and comes with many different plans and monthly subscriptions that have been tailored to the needs of SMEs and individual entrepreneurs.

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Author: Bohumil Vohanka Product Manager Cloud Services, T-Mobile Czech Republic
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