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In the age of digitalization, the industry and business partners need innovative ideas and solutions that can keep the pace with the rapid transformation in the world of ICT. Let us introduce a DT company that provides precisely this: T-Systems Hungary.

T-Systems Hungary combines several decades of expertise and experience in ICT gathered by its various predecessors. Its approximately 3,374 employees and nearly 100 partners serve more than 174,211 active clients which include large, SMB and SOHO corporations and public sector institutions. T-Systems Hungary is the largest Hungarian service provider and covers the full spectrum of ICT services, not only in its local market but also throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Its data center is one of the biggest in the CEE region, with an advanced infrastructure, network, and security systems.

The European Smart Solutions Center (ESC)
To keep the pace with the developing Smart City megatrend and the evolution of technology, Deutsche Telekom established the European Smart Solutions Center (ESC).  This is a sales-driven competence center located in Budapest. It is part of T-Systems Hungary and builds upon the company's smart solution experience. The ESC manages the smart product portfolio and vendors on DT level, providing solution sales support and knowledge transfer to the NatCos. As the demand for smart solutions grows and EU funds become available, it is time to take advantage of the joint forces of DT NatCos and the ESC. With a flexible, common smart portfolio and the NatCos’ knowledge of local conditions, DT will become Europe’s number one Smart City service provider.

Symposium 2017
For the sixth time T-Systems organized Hungary’s largest and most representative ICT event − the T-Systems Symposium, welcoming around 2,000 guests over the course of an entire day. According to GARTNER market research institute’s “Going digital in Eastern Europe” study, the Symposium event is a prime regional example of shaping digital awareness and enabling international cooperation. During the event's plenary sessions, renowned inspirational speakers, international and Hungarian experts, government decision-makers as well as executives from Deutsche Telekom, Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary, presented their ideas on the key topics of the conference. Special emphasis was placed on outlining the most significant trends, results and future vision of the infocommunication industry.

Beyond the ICT and technology-related keynote speeches of the afternoon breakout sessions, T-Systems Hungary also displayed the advantages of digitalization via specific solutions both horizontally and vertically, focusing on the latest developments in financial institutions, industry, commerce or regional development.

Industry 4.0
T-Systems Hungary is confident in its pioneering role – delivering consultations of general Industry-4.0 know-how, applications and solutions among the early adopters in Hungary. A few of the vast variety of topics the company is introducing in the market are: vertical supply chain management, in- and outdoor asset and/or product tracking, MES for integrated production planning and supervision, Big Data analysis, proactive EHS monitoring and warning app and predictive maintenance.

Innovation – Kitchen Budapest
T-Systems Hungary is building an innovative ecosystem structure and operation, in which it collaborates closely with its partners, clients, the Magyar Telekom Group and with areas of DT/the ESC. The goal is to build up a real partner ecosystem in which T-Systems Hungary connects the market-relevant participants to create new innovative solutions and business models together and bring them to market along the areas of focus. As a part of this goal, T-Systems Hungary has integrated Kitchen Budapest (KiBu), an innovation lab with a team consisting of young researchers and developers. KiBu supports enterprise growth through activating and involving external innovation capabilities to solve business and technological challenges. KiBu incorporates three functions including research and development (prototyping, testing, service design, UX/UI design), education (next generation programs), and industry collaboration.

Innovations in healthcare
With over 20 years of experience in the e-health sector and a huge pool of professionals, T-Systems Hungary has built a wide portfolio of internally developed and third-party solutions. Ongoing successful projects all over Europe with over 50,000 active users are proof of and motivation for the never-ending innovative philosophy T-Systems Hungary embodies. T-Systems Hungary professionally supports the Pediatrics Institute of the University Clinic of Debrecen, which is responsible for the provision of child healthcare services. Thanks to the  business agreement, the institute has been able to upgrade its healthcare equipment pool for treating premature babies and newborns in critical condition.

T-Systems’ plans for the digitalization of cities and businesses
In the coming years, the company will strive to be a key player in the digitalization of Hungary’s cities, communities, and businesses. In Smart City projects, for example, the company developed and implemented a bike sharing solution for the capital city, and a traffic management and passenger information system supporting the Centre for Budapest Transport: from planning timetables and optimizing routes to analyzing past and current data. T-Systems’ goal is to create customized products and services that truly address the most complex business and operational needs and provide real value to companies and communities. The company aims to offer more and more ICT services that are available remotely and securely (cloud, hosting, and colocation services) without requiring any significant investment from the business customer.

As a transformation partner for business customers, T-Systems Hungary aims to develop innovative solutions and long-term business models through close collaboration, understanding the customers’ core business and creating a competitive advantage in various aspects of their core operations – mobility, effectiveness, innovation.

T-Systems Hungary’s portfolio for business customers at a glance

Author: Agnieszka Chrzanowska Marketing Communication B2B Europe, Deutsche Telekom
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