OTE Group wins deal with Coca-Cola HBC – again!

Coca-Cola HBC joined forces with the OTE Group for another large-scale ICT project worth 7 million euros, in the course of which the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary successfully executed one of the largest SAP HANA installations in Europe. The project complements the OTE Group’s 2016 data center installation for Coca-Cola HBC, which ultimately represented a 48-million-euro investment. 

Coca-Cola’s Greek subsidiary, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (Coca-Cola HBC), once again decided to work together with the OTE Group, which is part of Deutsche Telekom, to redesign and upgrade its IT infrastructure. The OTE Group installed an SAP HANA environment, one of the largest in Europe, and ensured a smooth migration from the company’s existing SAP Business Warehouse application. The project was successfully implemented and delivered within an agreed timeframe of four months. Now fully operational, the new Greek-based infrastructure serves all of Coca-Cola HBC’s locations in 28 countries. The SAP HANA installation was the final part of the 2016 data center installation, bringing the company’s overall investment to a total of 48 million euros.

“The expansion of the two groups' cooperation demonstrates our expertise and reliability in implementing large and complex ICT projects,” said George Athanasopoulos, the OTE Group’s Chief Information Officer. Galip Onar, Enterprise Operations Director at Coca-Cola HBC, added: “This complex ICT project significantly contributes to internal process optimization as well as to the development of a faster and more flexible reporting model.”

The SAP HANA environment supports the operation of the SAP Business Warehouse application, making interactions possible between stored and real-time data collected from all of the company’s operational units. This allows data to be retrieved and aggregated more quickly and thereby speeds up the reporting process.

As part of the 48-million-euro deal, the OTE Group had previously built one of the largest data center facilities in the EMEA region to service business transactions for Coca-Cola HBC. The agreement included the implementation of a disaster site at the T-Systems data center in Hungary, where Coca-Cola HBC would be able to run its operations in the case of an incident on the primary premises.

Author: Lykourgos Antonopoulos ICT Director at OTE Group
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