Romanians and Macedonians turn to MagentaOne Business

Who are Eastern Europe’s “hidden champions”? They are the small, medium and very small businesses. It is they, and not global giants, who are creating jobs and reviving the region’s economy. But their success depends on effective communication and catching up digitally. Which is why they are turning to our converged fixed/mobile/cloud package, MagentaOne Business.

Romanian and Macedonian customers are leading the trend. Over 50% of business in Romania and Macedonia now comes from two-leg or three-leg combinations of fixed/mobile/cloud services. Why is that? After all, small and medium businesses activity is not higher there than elsewhere. The answer is a cliché really: customer satisfaction.

Motivated by strong competition, Telekom Romania and Makedonski Telekom have focused on meeting local needs. They provide highly individualized customer support along specific business of the customer. They add value to the package by offering not only telecom services, but also help in growing and digitalizing customers’ businesses. And they systematically translate client feedback into new benefits.

In Romania, for example, Telekom Romania responded with Batman – the internal name for their sales force program. Batman was fiercely passionate about his cause, super persistent in carrying out missions, exceptionally skilled in battle, and quick at finding solutions. A good role model, in other words. Romanian “Batman” approach have played a big role in moving existing customers to fix and mobile solutions – and in attracting high-value customers with little churn. In another heroic move, Telekom Romania promises to return customer calls within 10 seconds. Should we test them? J

Last year, they also launched a European first: telecom packages with no strings attached. “Business Freedom” offers unlimited national benefits, no contractual period, and full flexibility on a desired device. It is changing the B2B business rules in Romania. In Macedonia, Makedonski Telekom has also strengthened its existing customer base and added high-value customers by listening to needs. Macedonians wanted an easy to understand, flexible and customized service. MagentaOne Business was of course a good solution because it is a simple, one-stop-shop communications service. But the Macedonian team continuously adds new services to help customers in their daily businesses. They have also met customer demand for high value at a good price with a flexible budget offer.

The Macedonian sales team haven’t modelled themselves on a superhero, but they fire each other up by promoting role models among themselves, celebrating successes and generating a positive working atmosphere. There’s nothing new about these strategies. Everyone knows customer satisfaction is key to success. But you need to deliver to be successful.

Author: Boris Sesar Vice President FMCC Europe Deutsche Telekom AG
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