Czech National Bank

Czech National Bank has chosen our private virtual data center for web hosting.


  • Flexible computing resource allocation. The Private Cloud solution allows the customer to add or drop computing resources to accommodate varying levels of WEB traffic at different periods thus improving the user experience for visitors of
  • Improved process of system change implementation.
  • Simpler and more efficient vendor management with single responsibility for the whole services
  • Uninterrupted availability of electrical power, cooling and Internet connectivity.
  • Reduction of CAPEX and overall TCO.


CNB operated an external web with content management systems on three dedicated servers. The solution had two subcontractors (web servers and WCMS – Web Content Management System) and CNB experienced communication issues among the three parties and there was an unclear allocation of responsibilities. The original solution was not able to cope with varying loads of the web traffic during different periods of the day/month/year and was not sufficiently flexible for applications with varying requirements. Finally, the system did not offer sufficient security and control.


The solution of private virtual data center for Czech National Bank utilizes our Virtual Hosting built on the cloud environment of our IaaS platforms and existing redundant infrastructures which are also components of the cloud environment. Guaranteed basic computing and storage capacity:

Online performance monitoring with customer access and enhanced performance in case of need are a part of the solution. The solution includes data storage, backup and archiving where resources can be doubled flexibly in case of arising requirements.

About CNB

The CNB is the central bank of the Czech Republic and the supervisor of the Czech financial market. Its primary objective is to maintain price stability. As an independent institution, the CNB sets monetary policies, issues banknotes and coins and manages the circulation of currency, the payment system and settlement between banks. It also performs supervision of the banking sector, the capital market, the insurance industry, pension funds, credit unions and electronic money institutions, as well as foreign exchange supervision. As a central bank the CNB provides banking services to the state and the public sector.

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