Nezvalova Archa

Self-service hotel gets even smarter with unlimited Wi-Fi

We appreciate our stable Internet connection all over the building. An unlimited connection is one of the younger generation’s key demands and we are pleased that it contributes to our guests’ satisfaction:
It‘s the reason why they often return to our smart hotel.

Mgr. Marek Novotný, Executive Director


Real estate agency DACHI built a self-service hotel that should really be called a smart hotel. Room bookings and payment take place online, guests check in on their own: they just need a smartphone and the app to receive their “key” to the hotel and to their room. In addition to a fully-stocked, self-service fridge, the customer also wanted to sweeten its visitors‘ stay with unlimited Wi-Fi access throughout the 1,600-square-meter building. The hotel wanted to offer each user a secure connection on up to five devices simultaneously, based on stable system with safeguards against overload.


  • Entire building connected to fiber-optic network
  • Managed LAN
  • Secure Wi-Fi supporting up to 600 devices connected simultaneously
  • System monitors and optimizes data traffic in the building
  • Complete IT services, including consulting and planning for further developments


  • Hotel offers wireless Internet, a key attraction for young guests
  • Stable, monitored connection ensures equal capacity for every user
  • System can prioritize and allow bigger downloads for long-term residents
  • Online monitoring and space coverage even when Wi-Fi components are down
  • Savings on IT staff: T-Mobile’s experts are available if needed and solve problems flexibly

About Dachi real estate agency and the smart hotel Nezvalova archa

Dachi is a real estate agency founded in the Czech Republic in 1992. One of its pet projects is the 38-bedroom smart hotel Nezvalova Archa in Olomouc, offering both short-term accommodation and student lodging for the academic year. Guests of the self-service hotel receive their electronic key and all other information by email or on their mobile.

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