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By the year 2020, up to 50 billion objects will be connected via the Internet. This so-called Internet of Things will grow rapidly in coming years, offering new opportunities for visionary ideas. Show us your innovative solutions for the Internet of Things and you may win a marketing campaign and partnership with Deutsche Telekom!

Last year’s Business Wall of Fame (BWoF) contest was a huge success. Not only did we honor the best cloud apps for small and medium-sized businesses, we also found some great new partners eager to grow with us.

This year, BWoF is dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). The increased networking of everyday objects enables all kind of new business models. The potential is huge – and by no means being completely tapped at the moment. This is why the BWoF is searching for innovative IoT solutions from all industries that simplify work for customers. By taking part in the contest, you will have the chance to make your idea accessible to a broad audience across  our eight contest markets – Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, and Slovakia.

Win a €30,000 marketing campaign!
BWoF will award the best IoT solution in each country a marketing campaign worth up to €30,000 and a partnership with Deutsche Telekom in the your company’s home market. Moreover, BWoF will select the best international IoT solution. The winner will become a Deutsche Telekom partner in eight countries (see above) with a total reach of up to 10.8 million potential business customers. This  winner will also be presented as a Telekom Partner at an international trade fair.
And here is what’s in for the voters: After voting they can register as supporters of specific solutions and get the chance to win a marketing campaign worth €20,000 for their company.

Key dates of BWoF contest:
Until May 25th please submit applications on the BWoF website
Between May 11th – June 22nd please turn in your votes if eligible
On July 7th please join the announcement of the winners if successful

“Deutsche Telekom is the ideal partner for us”
Need proof of the value from participating in the BWoF? Norbert Lesko, CEO of last year’s contest winner MiniCRM, tells us about his experience. MiniCRM is an application that helps managing leads successfully and optimizing the sales process.

"Looking back at our statistics, we see a huge bump in new trials and new customers in the three months since participating at the contest." <em>- Norbert Lesko, CEO of MiniCRM - winner of BWoF 2014</em>
“Looking back at our statistics, we see a huge bump in new trials and new customers in the three months since participating at the contest.” – Norbert Lesko, CEO of MiniCRM – winner of BWoF 2014

Norbert, why did you decide to take part in Business Wall of Fame contest in 2014?
In general, all of the contests for startups are looking for applications that target end users. Business Wall of Fame was the first one to be different – asking dedicatedly for our MiniCRM B2B solution!

What does working with Deutsche Telekom mean for you?
Deutsche Telekom is the ideal partner for us. They have a great track record for bringing new technologies and services to markets in a sustainable way. And while our company focuses on product development, Deutsche Telekom has the expertise and reach in sales that we need right now to bring our solutions to our customers.

Being a developer company: What do you expect from the partnership with Deutsche Telekom?
Bottom line is we hope that we will be able to reach much more customers than we would have on our own. Our customer survey shows that already over 96 percent of our users are happy or very happy with MiniCRM. MiniCRM is currently being tested by five business partners of Magyar Telekom, Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary in Hungary. Every day, 43 account managers participate in the pilot program. As software and the cloud are all about scale, we are excited about the possibilities this growth opens – in terms of product quality, usability and functionality.

Thank you, Norbert, for sharing your experiences!

See the video with Norbert:

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