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The “BIG DATA: Think Big CEE Congress” is a high-profiled meeting of important decision-makers from diverse sectors. It provided Deutsche Telekom and the T-Mobile Poland B2B unit an excellent opportunity to establish and strengthen core business relationships.


Analysing and ensuring access to data is quickly becoming a crucial element in doing business. Collecting, processing and drawing conclusions from large amounts of information can be key in building competitive edge. Well aware of this, Deutsche Telekom took the opportunity to further strengthen and discuss our Big Data strategy in Warsaw, Poland at the conference.

The event was remarkable in many ways. Participants from almost every important industry in Poland attended. A variety of presentations and panel discussions were held by leading experts, C-level executives and academic visionaries.

Deutsche Telekom was also represented with an experienced Big Data visionary in the group: Vit Soupal participatedin both the Internet of Things and Big Data panels. Vit highlighted the importance of T-Mobile Poland’s experience in today’s demanding business world: “T-Mobile Poland does not only know how to store and preserve data of mobile subscribers, they also have a lot of experience in how to utilise this data in line with sensitive data protection requirements.” This enables us, for example, to enhance or decrease churn rates, support real-time offerings or reach a required target with near surgical precision.

Not only onstage discussions were fruitful: Behind-the-scenes conversations revealed how T-Mobile Poland can support local companies. A lot of attendees were interested in topics that T-Mobile Poland is currently focusing on, such as location potential analysis but also optimizing expenses on advertising versus higher hit rate results. T-Mobile Poland is running various pilot projects addressing the needs of local businesses also by refining the view on market size and its optimal approach.

Overall, the conference gave valuable insights into the needs and expectations of our potential business partners. And T-Mobile Poland is already and with significant priority developing solutions to meet a variety of associated customer demands.

Author: Editorial Team
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