Fixed-Mobile-Cloud Convergence: MagentaONE Business

  • Published: December 17, 2015
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Our strategic objective is to become Europe’s leading telecommunications provider. The launch of MagentaONE Business – a new fixed-mobile- cloud convergence offering for business customers – brings us one step closer towards achieving this ambitious goal. But first, let’s start from the beginning:

Deutsche Telekom is not just a mobile provider or simply a fixed-line operator. The MagentaONE Business propositions for business customers are underlining this. Especially small/medium- (SMB) and very small businesses (VSB) benefit from our converged portfolio with integrated telco and IT solutions.

MagentaONE Business brings to life a service portfolio meeting all of our customers’ needs towards connectivity, communication and productivity, safeguarded by DT-trusted security. MagentaONE Business combines fixed line, mobile communications and cloud elements – and does so in a single comprehensive package in order to help business customers to become more effective and more competitive on the market. Along with the MagentaONE Business concept goes a radical transformation in the way we deliver our services to our customers. MagentaONE Business aims at a worry-free customer experience: All services are come from a single provider. This one-stop shop experience ensures that there is only a single contract and one contact person.

New features across Europe
After Germany, also Romania, Macedonia and Greece have now introduced their local MagentaONE Business concepts. Though bundles offered in these countries may differ locally, all of them allow for customization by our clients. This is their key requirement! Let’s have a closer look at the markets where MagentaONE Business has already been launched.

On the Romanian B2B market, Telekom Romania offers the first truly convergent fixed, mobile and cloud bundle with the introduction of the One Drive service from Microsoft at no additional cost, in all convergent bundles. Uniquely on the Romanian B2B market this includes 1TB free cloud storage. Additionally, all customers benefit from a 10 seconds call centre response time – exclusively for MagentaONE Business customers. With this new proposition, Telekom Romania continues to simplify customer’s ICT processes and offering best customer experience. We are proud to find that by November 2015 we have sold more than 100,000 services with the MagentaONE Business bundles.

Security is one of the most important aspects of MagentaONE Business. Using Deutsche Telekom’s highly secure networks, all client devices and data are rendered safe and secure. Makedonski Telekom, our subsidiary in Macedonia, offers MagentaONE Business with a flat rate for fixed, mobile and internet connection, web hosting, online storage as well as the best Kaspersky security solutions.

In Greece, an integrated product offering has been introduced under COSMOTE Business One brand name. With COSMOTE Business One, the customers not only take advantage of integrated fixed, mobile, internet, cloud and a virtual PBX but also receive many additional benefits including centralized billing send-out and a new personalized service experience, by being connected to a dedicated personal agent.

MagentaONE Business fully focuses on local customer needs, allowing customers to concentrate on their business. Currently available in Romania, Germany, Greece and Macedonia, MagentaONE Business will soon also be in other markets, including Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro and Slovakia.

Author: Editorial Team
  • Published: December 17, 2015
  • Categories: Smart working, MagentaOne Business
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