Internet of Things takes off at the M2M Forum CEE 2016

No trend is having as strong an impact on the business world these days as machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technological concepts have the potential to transform traditional structures from the foundations up and offer new opportunities for innovative products, services, and business models. There are hardly any sectors in which M2M and the IoT have not found applications. The M2M Forum CEE, which took place at Vienna’s City Hall on June 13 and 14, showcased all the possibilities associated with M2M and the IoT. The central concept is that devices make information about their status available and exchange it using sensors and an Internet connection. We have compiled the highlights of the event for you in this article.

With its 40 guest speakers and over 400 participants from across Europe and beyond, the M2M Forum CEE is one of the most important innovation events in Europe. Its participants experienced first-hand how the IoT is actually put into practice and what opportunities the Internet of Things makes possible, including for their own businesses. For instance, one presentation showed how the cleaning equipment specialist Kärcher managed to develop its business in a very short time with the IoT. Another example was the adidas Smart Ball, which could radically change the world of soccer in the future.

The number of connected devices continues to rise
The number of objects connected to the Internet today is already greater than the world population. It is estimated that approximately 26 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. For new applications to take shape, everyone involved needs to be connected as well.

This includes pioneers in businesses and towns, innovative solution providers, telecommunications firms providing fast, secure, and international services, and established system vendors. Startups are also key here, as it’s important for them to market their ideas in the form of innovations as quickly as possible. To provide a comprehensive overview of the many fields of application of M2M and the IoT, the M2M Forum CEE focused on several major topics and explored them through talks, workshops, and discussion rounds. The topics were smart city, smart home, smart mobility, smart health, M2M services, industry 4.0, and wearables.

On Sunday, the participants of the Forum already had a chance to visit the pilot factory and the smart city features of Aspern, Vienna’s lakeside district. Startups were also able to take part in the IoT Ideathon Hackathon being held in parallel to the Forum for free.

How technology is changing our lives
One of the event’s highlights was the keynote speech delivered on June 14 by Dietmar Dahmen, innovation expert, brand visionary, and independent creative consultant. In his speech, Dahmen explained how technology is changing things like the way people shop or earn money. Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President M2M at Deutsche Telekom, spoke about how a company’s added value can be increased with the IoT at the M2M Forum CEE. Many additional presentations and expert discussions then rounded off the event.

T-Mobile at the 2016 M2M Forum CEE
Global M2M solutions are made up of a series of different building blocks – from hardware, through connectivity, software, and all the way to live operations and support. T-Mobile Austria, one of the leading partners for M2M communication and IoT solutions, assembles these building blocks in such a way as to offer M2M services at their maximum potential. The benefits of this include higher efficiency, lower costs, more security, and new business areas for customers.

T-Mobile Austria had its own stand at the M2M Forum CEE to present its M2M portfolio and showcase the IoT Box, which was only recently unveiled, as a highlight. The IoT Box was used to demonstrate how easy it is to make the most of the possibilities of the Internet of Things for your own company. Serving as a practical example, a standard fridge connected to the IoT Box and equipped with weighing platforms on each shelf was turned into a smart household appliance.

One-stop shop for M2M solutions
Thanks to its technical expertise and associated support, T-Mobile can be a one-stop shop for custom M2M solutions. Many customers are already enjoying the benefits of having a single point of contact to address all of their requests to.

In addition to Lautz’s presentation, Andras Fazakas, Head of M2M IoT EU Business Development at Deutsche Telekom, also spoke about, “Livin’it up in the city: Today’s solutions for a connected future”. Giorgos Papapanagiotakis, technical director of Emphasis Telematics and a solution partner of Deutsche Telekom, talked about the use of M2M communication in ongoing projects. 

A wealth of information about M2M
Almost no company can avoid the topic of M2M any longer, as it is increasingly found at the core of innovative business strategies. The M2M Forum CEE at Vienna’s City Hall on June 13 and 14 offered a comprehensive overview of the current state of the M2M sector and used many different examples to illustrate how the IoT makes new business models and services possible. It also offered participants a chance to connect with each other at the evening event on June 13, which included a further speech by Dahmen, a live band, and the Euro 2016 soccer match.

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