Ayyeka: Three Questions for the IoT Startup

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot market. Countless young, agile startups are charging into the market with disruptive, innovative products and end-to-end solutions for businesses and municipalities. In today’s post we are highlighting Ayyeka. Co-founded by Ariel Stern (CEO) and Yair Poleg, PhD (CTO), Ayyeka is one startup that Deutsche Telekom is currently mentoring as part of the ChallengeUp! program, our joint IoT accelerator contest.

Ayyeka provides end-to-end, cyber-secure solutions to create smart infrastructure and environmental sensor networks. We talked with Business Development Manager Tal Avrahami to get his take on the industry, IoT and startup life.

What is the advantage of working with DT, Cisco and Intel?
Tal Avrahami: The mentorship and networking with senior staff from all three corporates across different business units, functional groups, and geographic markets is highly valuable for a growth-stage company such as Ayyeka. Working simultaneously and closely with three corporates that have massive reach provides valuable customer and market insights. The exposure to the sponsors’ products and services, especially those that complement our own capabilities, will help us provide customers with cutting-edge, fully end-to-end solutions. Lastly, it is great to see first-hand how large corporates bring innovation into the market.

Tell us more about your product. What is Ayyeka’s unique selling proposition?
TA: Sure. Ayyeka offers customers the world’s most cyber-secure, streamlined, and modular solutions for collecting data from dispersed physical assets. We play in a highly fragmented market. Our full-stack hardware, software, and services solutions provides everything you need to seamlessly generate data from any type of sensor, transmit data over any communication network, and securely connect to any SCADA system or third-party software. We offer these industrial-grade, cost-effective solutions for any market segment.

What do you do in your spare time?
I love being outdoors and staying active as much as possible, whether it’s hiking, biking, or playing tennis. I also enjoy meeting friends for a drink at a local pub or relaxing on the beach – luckily, it’s only a 2-minute walk from home!

By working with and including startups in our vision and strategy, we are fostering innovation. ChallengeUp! is a joint IoT accelerator for startups from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.
The program aims at helping innovative IoT startups with faster ‘go-to-market’ through joint projects, mentoring, high value networking and corporate assets. The program brings resources and experience from the startup initiatives of Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence, Intel Business Challenge Europe and hub:raum powered by Deutsche Telekom.
Startups like Ayyeka are delivering solutions that will transform our world. We’ll be sure to highlight Ayyeka’s progress along with introducing you to new startups regularly on this page.

More information about Ayyeka: www.ayyeka.com
More information about ChallengeUp!:




Author: Angus Emery Product IoT Presales Manager and Mentor, Deutsche Telekom
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