Deutsche Telekom at the Smart City Expo WORLD CONGRESS

From November 15 to 17, almost 500 exhibitors, about 15,000 visitors, and more than 400 speakers are expected to come together in Barcelona to discuss the link between urban reality and technological revolution. Deutsche Telekom will be among them. In keeping with our slogan, “Making your city smart. Together.”, we will present our smart city vision as well as exciting solutions that increase people’s safety and quality of life, attract visitors to the city, and support its economic development.


Projects around Europe

Budapest, Dubrovnik, Krk Island, Bucharest, Trencin, Prague, Nyíregyháza, Skopje, and Gijón: All of these cities or areas have trusted Deutsche Telekom to develop intelligent solutions for their specific challenges. From solutions for parking and transport management to street lighting, waste management, public safety, ele ctric vehicle charging, and much more, the Group’s smart city applications improve the infrastructure in these European cities. Together with our partners, we will be presenting our most prestigious solutions at our Smart City Expo WORLD CONGRESS booth: in Grand Via Hall 2, Hall 2, Level 0, Street E, Stand 509.

A closer look at some of our solutions:

  • Smart Street Lighting allows a city to adjust the street lights according to its specific needs and reduce its energy consumption. The system is equipped with sensors to enable greater energy savings and provides operational alerts to reduce maintenance costs. It also allows a city to generate detailed reports and optimize its savings from the street lighting system.
  • Smart Parking is a solution for optimizing street parking in the city, saving drivers time, helping cities reduce traffic and CO2 emissions, while also enabling a better flow of traffic.
  • Smart Public Safety increases both the perceived and actual safety of citizens and visitors by monitoring public areas using video cameras and advanced picture analysis applications to automatically detect incidents and report them to the authorities.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging is a solution that links the owners of parking spaces (public and private) with energy service providers in order to offer citizens with electric cars a secure and easy way to charge their batteries.
  • Smart Waste Management makes waste disposal more efficient and transparent. Waste bins are equipped with RFID tags that give garbage trucks information about the relevant household, the service ordered, and the current fill-level of the bin. This way, waste collection routes can be planned accordingly and “pay as you throw” charging can be implemented.
  • The public transport & passenger management system is a sophisticated solution for both the clients and providers of community transport, allowing passengers to plan their journeys more easily.
  • The Mayor Dashboard and smart city platform enable city administrators to remotely monitor, control, and optimize city infrastructure such as street lighting, parking, and traffic. It offers a holistic view on a single screen via an easily accessible interface. This will enable city administrators to improve the overall management of their city’s infrastructure.

Deutsche Telekom: A leader in smart city development

What makes these use cases so exciting is the underlying technology that Deutsche Telekom and its partners are developing as market leaders in smart city applications. In addition, Deutsche Telekom is the first company to implement a standardized Narrowband IoT network in Bonn, Germany. This technology is perfectly suited to send small amounts of data over long distances and therefore constitutes the ideal match for smart city applications. The first application to prove the added value of Narrowband IoT is a smart parking solution based on in-ground parking sensors at each parking space. The sensors communicate with motorists via an app that informs them where there are parking spaces available.

Leading smart city discussions

In addition to the interesting exhibits, our experts will also be on hand to share their knowledge in Barcelona. Vit Soupal, Head of Big Data, BEX Business Marketing Europe, will talk about real-time open data fueling the next generation of urban services. Dan Michel from T-Systems International is due to give a speech on open and agile services in the public sector. Ralf Nejedl, who is responsible for B2B Sales & ICT in DT Europe, will be giving his address, “Changing the game: Narrowband IoT – the network for the simple things”, at the co-located LPWA, the IoT Networks Event in Barcelona.

Come join us at the Smart City Expo – we look forward to meeting you in Barcelona!

Author: Agnieszka Chrzanowska Marketing Communication B2B Europe, Deutsche Telekom
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