Technology for a sustainable future: The T-Systems Symposium in Hungary

How can digitization help businesses and communities succeed using smart solutions? This is just one of the many questions that were discussed during the fifth T-Systems Symposium at the Budapest Congress Center in Hungary. The latest edition of this ICT event, which is one of the most comprehensive in the CEE region, attracted 2,000 visitors. This year, we focused on how technological achievements can be used in a sustainable manner in different areas of life.

According to Gartner, the T-Systems Symposium is a flagship event for shaping digital awareness and enabling international cooperation. Together with renowned international experts, government decision-makers, and executives of Deutsche Telekom, Magyar Telekom, and T-Systems Hungary, we illustrated how telecommunications and ICT solutions can considerably simplify and make individual processes more cost-efficient and convenient. We displayed the advantages of digitization both horizontally and vertically by showcasing specific solutions and focusing on the latest developments in financial institutions, healthcare, industry, trade and media, digital cities, and agriculture, among others.

FinTech key players: Financial institutions

With more than 180 representatives from banking and financial institutions in attendance, the Financial Institutions session led by Gabriella Csanak, T-Systems’ Senior Banking Expert, was of great importance. Lawmakers, leading bankers, and leaders of Hungarian FinTech (financial technology) companies were invited to discuss the upcoming Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), a piece of EU legislation that creates a new landscape for the banking infrastructure. A questions and answers segment dealt with the challenges banks face while preparing for PSD2 and explored whether banks and FinTech companies could work out a mutually beneficial cooperation in the coming period.
T-Systems Hungary is a partner of choice for local financial institutions, enabling banks in their digital transformation strategies and making FinTech solutions available to them. In cooperation with Cisco, T- Systems had scanned 80 FinTech solutions available on the Hungarian market and selected the Top 25 that could benefit banking establishments’ operations today.

Migration project for Coca-Cola HBC – a winner of Success Project 2016

The winners of Success Project 2016 by T-Systems Hungary were also announced during the event. The implementation of a disaster recovery site in Budapest’s data center for Coca-Cola HBC and its operations in 28 countries was awarded first place by the symposium audience. This large-scale implementation of a primary data center in Athens and a secondary site in Budapest was recently completed on time and without any disruptions, making the overall project a huge success and proving the Deutsche Telekom Group’s ability to implement large ICT projects, not only in single markets, but also on the European scale.

Information communication as part of business development

Rékasi Tibor, General Manager of T-Systems Hungary, stressed that: “Although the digital transformation is primarily driven by IT, it affects not only IT issues, but also information communication – one of the most important tools available for sustainable business development.” Within the next 10 years, traditional industry players may even face an average market share loss of 44 percent unless they take timely action to transform their processes. T-Systems partners with Hungarian companies in this transformation process, enabling them to operate more efficiently and at higher quality levels. This requires both technological and business solutions that provide integrated answers to emerging challenges.

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Author: Réka Szalkai Head of Marketing Communication and Campaign Management, T-Systems Hungary
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