Immerse yourself in the Internet of Things at M2M/IoT Forum CE

Vienna City Hall is this year’s prestigious venue for the M2M/IoT Forum CE, which takes place on 27th and 28th March 2017 and is dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Highlights of the event, include 20 real-life examples of IoT and M2M applications, with participants from 20 countries. We explain why the biggest forum in Central Europe on the topic of M2M/ IoT is not to be missed, and reveal what Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile Austria will have to offer during the two-day event.

“Innovate with IoT” is the theme of this year’s M2M/IoT Forum CE event, and is intended to be a direct invitation to delve into all aspects of the Internet of Things. The networking of machines and equipment ultimately offers every company, developer, and entrepreneur the opportunity to create new products and services, enabling them to increase their competitiveness or open up completely new revenue streams.

Overcome your distrust of M2M and the IoT
A visit to M2M/IoT Forum CE 2017 will certainly help break down the barriers that still prevent you from fully engaging with IoT technologies. Real-life examples, workshops and presentations of projects that have already been implemented in a number of diverse areas will prove that the deployment of IoT is not rocket science. The projects are designed to help ease your entry into this new world, and numerous presentations from top speakers will outline some of the future prospects of this fascinating technology. For example, Scott Amyx von Amyx+ will explain how IoT can be an enabler of innovation, while Nils Müller, founder of Trend One, will share his views on what the role of IoT will be by 2026.

T-Mobile Austria presents real-life examples in several fields
Deutsche Telekom together with T-Mobile Austria are a  lead partners of the M2M/IoT Forum CE, and the topic is very close to their  heart. Indeed, T-Mobile functions as the M2M hub for the Deutsche Telekom group in Europe. During M2M/IoT Forum CE 2017, T-Mobile Austria will demonstrate and showcase some practical examples of the technology at its own stand, for example:

Smart parking
T-Mobile Austria and Huawei installed sensors on five parking spaces in front of the T-Mobile shop located in the T-Center on Vienna’s Rennweg, and connected them using a wireless network based on the new narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) standard. Through the use of this technology, the parking space “knows” whether or not it is available to drivers looking for a parking option.

Intelligent waste bins
The Croatian company, Ecomobile, has developed a new use case for smart cities in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom’s local subsidiary. The system measures the fill levels of waste bins and provides this information in real-time to waste disposal companies, which are able to plan their waste collection schedules more efficiently and thereby save costs. Several communities in Croatia have already implemented this system.

Self-sufficient raised beds
Vienna-based start-up Smartgreen solutions used the IoT-Box developed by T-Mobile Austria to develop an intelligent raised bed. Users are able to monitor the ‘smart bed’ using an app, and can also set the system to water the bed automatically if required. The smart bed also demonstrates how the IoT can help develop more ecological and efficient working methods in the agricultural sector.

Information on fill levels by SMS
T-Mobile Austria and M2M specialist Wikon will also use the forum to showcase how information about fill levels and consumption data can be monitored and read remotely and cost effectively. SMS also plays a role here as an information channel.

IoT changes business processes
On 27th March, Maria Zesch, CCO of T-Mobile Austria, will discuss the topic of ‘IoT in business’ together with three other experts. This high-profile session will explore the arguments in favour of IoT-enabled business processes and how they are to be managed.
In three parallel sessions, market leaders and experts will focus on topics including Industry 4.0, IoT@work, connected mobility, transport & logistics, smart city, health & wearables, utility, smart home, and smart farming.

It is not always obvious how a particular company would benefit from connecting objects to the Internet. At the same time, M2M and IoT open up many opportunities that you may not yet have thought about at all. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your horizons through the exchange of information with experts and users in an informal setting. Visit us at M2M/IoT Forum in Vienna.

Author: Marcel Henrich Market Manager CRM, Business Marketing & M2M Services, T-Mobile Austria
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