PosAm is digitizing sales forces at Allianz in Slovakia

  • Published: August 22, 2017
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Insurance companies are under huge pressure to win and retain customers in this highly competitive sector. Rolling out new services quickly and efficiently while also providing flexible and responsive sales support to clients is a tricky balance to get right, but failure to do so can rapidly translate into loss of market share. One major insurer, Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa (Allianz SP), realized that it needed to fundamentally modernize its sales support system through increased digitization, removing all potential obstacles to a successful sale.

Allianz SP wanted to create a future-proof software system that would allow it to maintain its almost 27% share of the Slovak insurance market. It turned to Slovak Telekom-owned IT specialist PosAm to help it achieve its goals. PosAm was quick to respond, delivering a bespoke solution called Allegro Multichannel (AMC) within six months. Now, the system is available to any insurance provider, financial advisor or broker that needs an automated and fully digitized sales force solution.

Multi-channel support

So what was PosAm tasked to do? In essence, it had two key challenges to resolve. One was to develop a sales application for brokers that could be easily integrated with existing systems. The other was to consolidate all the different systems that were already being used for sales support. Its response was to create a multi-channel solution — developing a common platform for all applications used in the individual sales channels, combined with a modern support system for brokers.

"We have made a lot of effort to develop a new multi-channel solution for Allianz - Slovenská poisťovňa. We have used our deep knowledge of customer processes and technologies and have brought innovative multi-channel solutions that meet the highest demands for quality sales support in the digital and mobile world. We believe it will help the insurance company maintain and strengthen its market leadership," said Katarína Petríková, director of the finance and insurance sales group at PosAm.

Efficiency benefits clear from the outset

Allianz SP started using the solution at the beginning of 2017, and has already been able to introduce products faster and at a lower cost. In fact, the solution knocks weeks off the usual product delivery timeframe, while operating costs associated with the provision of software solutions are also reduced. Importantly, the solution supports all types of devices including smartphones and tablets, thereby meeting the needs of today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

In the highly competitive environment in which the insurance company operates, these are all important steps that will help Allianz SP maintain its current market leadership. In this way, the project is already meeting the objectives that were defined at the very start.

How it works

The system represents an effective tool to enable insurance brokers and sales personnel to communicate across all sales channels. It is essentially based on a technology layer that unifies all services, consolidates the different processes and eliminates less efficient areas. It also provides data that can be used not just by the internal information systems, but also by external suppliers and brokerage companies.

One interesting feature in the new sales support system for brokers is that it makes use of so-called “experiential selling”. In essence, this reflects the need to build up trust between the insurer and the customer by involving a prospective client in the preparation and design of the insurance product. That in turn helps improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to reach their own “a-ha” moment — the point when they fully understand the benefits of the product they are being sold. Find out more about the opportunities provided by innovative ICT services in the insurance sector.

Author: Katarína Petríková Head of the business group Allianz PosAm
  • Published: August 22, 2017
  • Categories: References, ICT, Enterprise Network, Banking & Insurance
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