Poland: the leading light of smart cities

T-Mobile has cast a new light on the Polish cities of Nysa and Pionki. Its pilot projects have revolutionized street lighting, installing smart solutions with a truly transformative effect – and not just on the public purse. For these brand-new Smart Cities, there’s no looking back. And for T-Mobile, it’s time to look forward to bringing the same success to other locations.

Gone are the days when a streetlamp could do little more than shed a feeble light on an evening stroll. Anyone taking a walk through Nysa in southwest Poland these days will be amazed by the city’s next generation of smart street lighting. Seamlessly blending into the cityscape and constantly feeding back air pollution data, the lamps are tailored to their individual setting. They provide perfect lighting and visibility on the streets to help the local authorities make the city a safer, more pleasant place for all.

From an electric vehicle charging station to internet hot spots and a state-of-the-art media feed, the possibilities are endless. In Nysa, T-Mobile combined new smart streetlights with a sophisticated air quality control system that will help to fight pollution. And in the central Polish town of Pionki, T-Mobile rolled out a smart solution for LED lighting, similar to Nysa, as well as advanced and smart video surveillance, providing valuable data on potential hazards as well as instant access to municipal Wi-Fi.

Both cities are already reaping the benefits. Thanks to T-Mobile’s comprehensive subscription plan, the local authorities won’t take a hit from investment costs but can enjoy savings instead. And the savings are considerable: By simply switching from sodium-vapor to LED lighting, costs have already been cut by an impressive 35–40%. And because each streetlamp can be individually controlled and adjusted, additional savings can be made in energy and operating costs.

Nysa and Pionki are great examples of how to nurture co-operation between public and private sectors. T-Mobile’s pilot projects are helping the towns develop into attractive Smart Cities that answer the needs of modern citizens. The projects’ sustainability and clear financial benefits leave the door open for the future development of exciting new intelligent systems. With its vast international experience and extensive expertise, T-Mobile is ideally placed to guide cities through their Smart City transformation, taking care of all aspects of the project from beginning to end. It looks forward to finding more cutting-edge solutions for other cities across Poland and beyond.

In a nutshell:

  • Polish cities Nysa and Pionki are trailblazing the Smart City transformation
  • T-Mobile handled every aspect of their projects
  • Dramatic savings have already been made
  • Exciting new smart solutions are ready to be rolled out
Author: Piotr Żochowski Business Development Manager T-Mobile Poland
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