T-Mobile expands colocation services in Poland to meet growing demand

More and more organizations are choosing to migrate their inhouse IT infrastructure to the cloud – to save the costs and effort associated with maintaining their own server rooms, to enjoy the maintenance and support services offered by a professional provider, and even to benefit from better security measures to protect their data. In Poland, too, demand for cloud processing services has grown steadily in recent years. To meet its customers’ needs in this regard, T-Mobile decided to upgrade its data center in Krakow and opened a new, 400-square-meter colocation space for commercial operation in late 2017.

The data center, which was built in 2005 for T-Mobile’s own purposes, has now been adapted for use by its business customers: Improvements were made to the office section and the necessary technology was deployed in the server area. The new colocation space is located in a separate building, with its own power supply secured by an independent connection to the electricity grid and a standby generator. The facility is also connected to regional and national data networks through a redundant optical line, and monitored around the clock by a team of experts. Together, these features allow T-Mobile to guarantee a service availability level of 99.99 percent – something which most organizations could never achieve inhouse.

Customers in the region of Małopolska (Lesser Poland) can now store their data and business-critical applications on servers within the secure setting of the data center in Krakow, which is the sixth of its kind that T-Mobile runs in Poland. In addition to guaranteeing maximum availability, the company also uses advanced and diversified security measures to protect its customers’ servers at each facility, from fire extinguishing systems, through video surveillance and all the way to physical security. This latest expansion brings the total colocation space offered by T-Mobile to 8,000 square meters, all of which meets the highest international technical standards.

A seamless experience for customers

T-Mobile’s standardized, modular solution offers customers a smooth transition and a quick implementation as their servers are relocated to the data center in compliance with all safety standards. Once businesses enter the colocation space, they can take advantage of a full range of services right away: A team of specialists is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to provide remote support and technical assistance. Companies can also choose the level of service that best suits their business needs, as their colocation parameters can be adjusted immediately upon request. The peace of mind offered by T-Mobile’s colocation services even extends to the management of sensitive data: Organizations can rest assured that all regulatory obligations will be met in this maximum-security environment.

New data center in Krakow is one of more than 60 data centers in the CEE Region offered by Deutsche Telekom Group to its business customers.

Author: Paweł Pytlakowski Marketing Department and ICT Product Development Manager T-Mobile Poland
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