Winning with Cisco: a successful partnership

  • Published: February 8, 2019
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Winning with Cisco: a successful partnership

At Deutsche Telekom Europe, we understand that together with partners, big and small, we can bring added value to our customers. On the bigger end of the spectrum is Cisco. The global IT giant has been a strategic technology partner for DT for over a decade throughout all DT Group’s European footprint. Our collaboration, based on the shared desire to help business customers grow faster and transform with innovative technologies, has borne all the fruit we expected and a few more.  

Together with Cisco we enable organizations to become more digital. Our business customers want high-quality solutions for their enterprise network, IT security, cloud computing and collaboration systems. That’s why Cisco is an ideal partner for key products such as LAN, WAN or WiFi – but it also offers more and more innovative, cloud-based solutions like MERAKI, the leader in cloud-controlled WiFi, routing and security.


Innovation transforming our business customers

The success of our customers is the best argument, and the greatest reward, for our lasting partnership. Financial institutions particularly value premium services, which we offer together with our partner across the CEE region. In Greece, DT subsidiary COSMOTE helped customer Eurobank to provide its own business clients with an advanced videoconferencing solution, which Eurobank is the first in its industry to offer in Europe. T-Mobile Czech has built a modern contact center for insurance company Allianz in the Czech Republic, based on Unified Communication Manager (UCM) technologies. The complex solution includes many customizations and integrates additional communication channels like social media, webchat and SMS, which has enabled Allianz to further improve the customer experience.

“The partnership with Cisco will continue to deliver value and innovation for our customers throughout the CEE region,” said Ralf Nejedl, SVP Europe B2B at Deutsche Telekom. “I am particularly proud to see more and more big companies, including those like the banks Eurobank in Greece or CSOB bank in Slovakia that manage large amounts of business-critical or sensitive data, placing their trust in our combined competencies.”

Award for a Strategic Partner

With the examples of these success stories to show for our longstanding collaboration, we are proud and excited to present Cisco with one more reward: the 2018 Strategic Partner Award. This award is a token of our appreciation for six successful years of running the Cisco ROSE program in DT’s Central and Eastern Europe area across 11 countries.

ROSE, short for Rapid Operational Sales Enhancement, is a joint program launched in January 2012 by Deutsche Telekom and Cisco, which is integral to DT’s growth strategy. Its main goals are to accelerate growth in B2B ICT services throughout CEE/SEE markets, thanks to initiatives like employee training, strengthening joint offerings, developing a broad knowledge base of ICT and dedicated Cisco solutions, joint marketing activities, as well as sharing know-how across different countries.

Dirk Blickberndt, who accepted the award on behalf of Cisco, commented: “We are delighted to receive this distinction, which confirms the value of the cooperation between our two companies. Not only do we have the potential to continue growing together in the future – we also stand for joint expertise that can allow corporations in every industry to get ahead of the technology game.”

Author: Agnieszka Chrzanowska Marketing Communication B2B Europe, Deutsche Telekom
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