Deutsche Telekom B2B Europe launches a new solution: Telekom SD-WAN Services for reduced network complexity and improved cloud connectivity

Network service improvement with no compromises in quality or performance. Reduced network complexity and enhanced security. Enhanced insight and network control

Deutsche Telekom B2B Europe is launching a new secure SD-WAN service to reduce the complexity of enterprise networks while simultaneously improving quality of service and giving customers enhanced network visibility. In a strategic partnership with Versa Networks, Deutsche Telekom has developed Telekom SD-WAN Services to help companies master the rising challenges of today's IT environment and drive digitalization within their businesses, delivering security and stability when connecting to cloud applications.

The new solution from Deutsche Telekom is based on prominent Versa Secure SD-WAN, which uses software or virtualization instead of routers to direct digital traffic. This enables businesses to optimize priority bandwidth and upgrade application performance by decreasing jitter and packet loss. At the same time, embedded security features optimize security operations, and analytics and monitoring features provide insight into both data center and cloud traffic.

"With this new offering, we are responding to the needs of companies to drive digitalization within their enterprises while adding quality, performance and security in their networks," says Ralf Nejedl, SVP B2B Europe at Deutsche Telekom. "It enables companies to optimize their bandwidth for maximum application performance and productivity and clears the way for optimized data transfer and communication. We are pleased to partner with Versa in this rollout, and we selected their Secure SD-WAN over competing products after a lengthy evaluation due to its security, performance, and analytics capabilities." 

The new solution also enables customers to manage their entire network with one central graphical user interface and enjoy the benefits of Deutsche Telekom as a single point of responsibility for lines and SD-WAN platform with no upfront investments, for a better price and end-to-end SLAs.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Deutsche Telekom to drive this secure SD-WAN solution for network enhancement in Europe and help companies master the growing challenges of today's IT world," says Kelly Ahuja, CEO with Versa, a software-defined networking vendor based in San Jose, California. “Deutsche Telekom is a leading European telco with a massive growing customer base, and today’s Telekom SD-WAN Services introduction is a result of our long-standing successful partnership with them.” 

The new service is now available in Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Croatia will launch the offering in the second half of the year

Author: Martha.Mularczyk Marketing & Communication B2B Europe
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