PosAm implemented its own digital platform to optimize workforce management in the energy company’s field service.

Thanks to its own solution, PosAm managed to integrate a new system into our complex IT environment in a way that fully satisfies our requirements for fully-automated management of people in the field in real time. In addition to increasing and improving the quality of output, the electronic work orders also produced a reduction in costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.

MárIo Šotter, Head of the Metering Service Division at VSD


VSD employs about 70 field workers in its metering service division, who address over 100,000 requests per year across Slovakia. The company’s previous, paper-based system for managing their activities was time-consuming, error-prone and prevented an optimal allocation of tasks. In addition, the manual records made by field workers during their missions were difficult to centralize and archive durably. To make the best use of work capacities, VSD needed a system that would assign jobs to the right employees, with the relevant tools and skill set, at the appropriate time.


We implemented an electronic, automated workforce management solution based on PosAm’s own Servio platform, which was integrated into the customer’s existing IT environment. The new system creates electronic work orders and automates their distribution, taking into account factors like the availability, competence and geographic location of employees to optimize the planning and execution of field missions. Assignments are sent directly to workers’ mobile terminals. On site, meter data is now collected digitally and automatically transmitted to a mobile application, along with customer signatures and photographic documentation of electric supply points.


  • Planning of field service activities three times faster than before, and administrative tasks reduced to less than half
  • Costs lowered, including through a 90-percent reduction of costs for paper documentation
  • Productivity increased by more than 20 percent
  • Risk of human error minimized, and quality of recorded data improved significantly
  • Better service for customers, including faster resolution of requests

The customer

Východoslovenská (VSD) is an energy company that provides a full range of services linked to the distribution and supply of electricity. More than 1,500 employees administer a portfolio of over 619,000 points of supply and 23,670 kilometers of network. Since 2003, VSD has been part of the German group RWE, which is one of the largest energy groups in Europe.

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