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Smart City solutions

Deutsche Telekom Smart City solutions offer a full range of products that simplify the operational complexity and reduce costs for the city.
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Smart Parking

The solution for optimized parking, helping drivers to save time in traffic while ensuring a more fluid traffic, reduced CO2 emission and lowering the risk of being fined for illegal parking.

Benefits for government

  • Less traffic search for parking spaces
  • Increase parking revenues
  • Reduced pollution

Benefits for citizens

  • Less searching for parking space
  • New and more convenient payment methods

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Smart Waste Management

The solution enables a holistic and efficient approach to Waste collection. From Bin status, weight to providing the collection staff a means to notify the citizen in cases of improper activities.

Benefits for Government

  • Improved ability to manage waste collection costs
  • Better visibility of bin status to ensure timely removals
  • Improved routing to pick up when and where needed

Benefits for citizens

  • Cleaner public areas

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Smart Lighting

Solutions which allow to adjust the light according to the area, improve Safety and further save energy. The systems are equipped with alerts against theft, keep the maintenance register up-to-date and generate detailed reports for an optimized public lightening system.

Benefits for Government

  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Improve driving /safety conditions
  • Ability to implement varied lighting schedules based on different areas of a city

Benefits for citizens

  • Better lit streets for driving
  • Safer streets residents

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Smart Public Safety

The solution increases the citizen’s safety by monitoring public areas (streets, parks, buildings, etc.) through video cameras and using advanced picture analysis applications in order to automatically detect incidents and reports them to authorities.

Benefits for Government

  • Use of video for automatic detection of problems/issues without monitoring live feeds.
  • Trigger activities/reactions to in near real time
  • Enable multiple use cases using one video stream (License Plate recognition, Parking status, Fight detection, etc)

Benefits for citizens

  • Improved safety in neighbourhoods
  • Improved reaction times of public safety organizations
  • Strong deterrent for crime

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Smart EV Charging

The system has many innovative features, such as the option to book a charging session in advance, and access via text message. It also includes a smart application that connects to more than 40,000 locations throughout Europe.

Benefits for Government

  • Improved environment for use of electric vehicles
  • Positive perception as a forward thinking city

Benefits for citizens

  • More locations to charge electric vehicles
  • A common payment system for ease of use

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Smart Bike Sharing

The smart bike sharing system is a alternative mode of transport where the city operates bicycles that are readily accessible to anybody, are easy to rent and are located on spots relatively close to each other at major commuting centers of the City.

Benefits for Government

  • Less traffic

Benefits for citizens

  • More commuting time travel options
  • More leisure time travel options

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Smart Air Quality Monitoring

The solution provides the ability to check different values in the environment (i.e. UV Ray, Pollution)

Benefits for Government

  • Economical way to monitor Air Quality
  • More data to determine route causes on poor air quality
  • Better visibility of overall air quality and trouble areas

Benefits for citizens

  • Increase awareness of air quality

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Smart Public Transport

The integrated telematic product offers a complex solution for both the clients and providers of community transport. Through this solution passengers can directly experience the tangible benefits in the course of planning and making their journey...

Benefits for Government

  • Improved perception of public services
  • Improved information of public transport statistics to improve services

Benefits for citizens

  • Less waiting
  • Better perception of the transport services

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Smart City Dashboard

Mayor Dashboard enables city administrators to remotely monitor, control and optimize city infrastructure. This will enable the city administrators to improve the overall city infrastructure management, achieving social, environmental, and economic success.

Benefits for Government

  • Present Smart City measures in a way beneficial to the city decision makers
  • Present Smart City results/benefits/savings to citizens in a way to promote the city
  • Engagement of citizens

Benefits for citizens

  • Increased visibility of City activities
  • Increase visibility of Smart City benefits

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Smart Traffic Management

Combining data from mobile networks and traffic monitoring, this model gives an overview of the actual distribution of people and detects deviations in real time. This generates important information for decision making in critical situations.

Benefits for Government

  • User-oriented web interface for visualization of traffic and inhabitants density - in cities or regional areas
  • Real time information increasing immediately the efficiency of the transportation systems

Benefits for citizens

  • Precise, real-time information about the entire traffic network

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Smart Crisis Management

Combining data from mobile networks and traffic monitoring, this model gives an overview of the actual distribution of people and detects deviations in real time. This generates important information for decision making in critical situations.

Benefits for Government

  • User-oriented web interface for visualization of inhabitants density - in cities or regional areas
  • Strong tool for quick and appropriate response in case of emergency

Benefits for citizens

  • The city is safer during large events or huge gathering of people

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  • Increasing efficiency
    Urban infrastructures can be programmed remotely due to smart connection & intelligent management software, thus increasing efficiency and saving costs.
  • Managing sustainability
    Smart cities can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Encouraging participation of citizens
    Participation in collaborative platforms and social media helps represent the citizens’ perspective and take their interests into account.
  • Flexible business models & E2E solutions
    A variety of flexible business models. We can provide the necessary components and services from a single source or allow the City to source components and services separately.
  • Part of a larger Smart City ecosystem
    A city can start with one stand along Smart City Service from Deutsche Telecom and slowly grow to provide a full range of other smart city services to its citizens.

Pilot projects across Europe

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Smart City Whitepaper

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  • 1000 points of light & 4500 replacments of luminaires with LED by 2020
  • Solution enables a new IoT communication network to enable integration of services such as parking management, air quality control and others
  • The project has won the award for Smart Cities' Best Project at the CNIS (National Congress of Innovation and Public Services) in Madrid


  • Mixture of Smart Technologies delivered (Lighting, Parking, Public Safefty, Traffic Flow monitoring and WiFi)
  • DT's Solution is supporting police to detect problems at a local pub with software that detects unusual actvities.
  • Solution supports the government to understand the impacts of the parking situation on local businesses and public parking policy


  • Mixture of Smart Technologies delivered (Lighting, Parking, Public Safefty and WiFi)
  • Implemented a Smart Park Area where police are alerted if vandalism occurs at a newly renovated playground
  • Mayor Dashboard provide to the City to monitor various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the City


  • Smart City Core System with DataWarehouse, Portal and CityCard system (8000 city cards)
  • Surveillance system (15 cameras+licence plate recognition SW) for the sake of public safety
  • HomeCare system (40 modems with watches, 10 CO monitors) to take care of the elders and disabled people
  • Smart Kiosks and Benches to provide attractive public places in the city


  • 1st Smart Street in Croatia
  • Mixture of Smart Technologies delivered (Lighting, Parking, Traffic Flow monitoring and WiFi)


  • Winner of the prestigious WITSA 2016 award in the category sustainable growth solutions
  • Automatic vehicle location and automatic fare collection in the public transport
  • More than 2.5 million transactions in three months


  • 69 Parking Sensors, 20 of them to inform about illegal use
  • 25 Luminaires and external light control nodes,
  • 1 Environmental sensor and respective air quality monitoring software


  • The very first energy neutral Island in Adriatic region
  • Connecting parking with EVC data


  • Integrated Smart Public transport around in the city
  • Smart Bike sharing solutions generated more than 1.4 million rentals and more than 2 mio km pedaled
  • Very visible Smart City concept


  • Street Light in historic section of city, New luminaires physícally look the same but consume 70% less energy.
  • The DT solution uses less energy, has dimmable lights, and reports failures automatically.
  • Part of the City Digitization Plan (Monheim 4.0)


  • Ground based sensing for parking occupancy in 2 plazas around the city
  • City digitzation plan in final stages, DT hoping to participate on larger scale offerings


  • NB IoT parking solutions deployed to show the benefits of this new communication technology
  • Worlds first NBIoT connected Street Lights


  • Intelligent LED street lighting in the main street with a steering PLC based system
  • Air pollution sensor installed to monitor the quality of the air


  • Intelligent LED street lighting in the main street with a steering PLC based system
  • City monitoring with video detection software
  • Wi-Fi hot spots
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