Smart City Expo World Congress

Barcelona, November 14-16

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Smart City Expo World Congress

What you can find at our booth

Smart Parking

The solution helps drivers to save time, reduce pollution and supports citizens to follow the public parking policy. An interactive demo is installed at the booth to demonstrate how the solution works.

Smart Waste Management

The solution is designed to help utility companies and cities to improve their services around the waste collection. Waste management is a perfect fit to NB IoT and will be displayed in the NB IoT Touch table in our booth. You will also have a chance to meet our partners and discuss on different scenarios.

Smart Lighting

The Smart lighting is a key solution for a city as it greatly reduces energy and maintenance costs, while at the same time improving the overall safety feeling within a city. We are running a lot of pilots in Europe and we will integrate real time data in our Mayor Dashboard.

Smart Public Safety

The solution enables a city to use networked surveillance cameras in combination with a wide range of state of the art video analytics modules in order to improve law enforcement and increase safety within the city Cameras will be installed at our booth and connected to the Mayor Dashboard to demonstrate how a city official could analyze the data and take actions.

Smart EV Charging

The solution combines charging infrastructure (connected to more than 40,000 locations throughout Europe) with easy to use software that helps drivers find, book and pay for electric vehicle charging. The solution is demonstrated with an high end hybrid car.

Smart Bike Sharing

The solution provides a simple way for citizens to find the closest bike to rent . The bicycles are not only accessible to anybody and can be easily installed across the city centers and close to major attractions.

Smart Air Quality Monitoring

The solution provides a scalable solution to measure and track the air quality status in an affordable and flexible manner. The city of Bonn is implementing the solution so you can view real time data in our Mayor Dashboard.

Smart Public Transport

The solution helps the city to make public transportation easier to use and more reliable while at the same time helping to streamline operations with new integrated features like ticketing and green light requests.

Smart City Dashboard

The solution enables a city to understand and visualize recent happenings and how to act on that information. City administrators will use the information to steer the city the same way as a driver uses a car´s dashboard, but with much greater flexibility. Many of our solutions will be linked to the Mayor Dashboard so you don’t just see the interface but real use cases and understand how the Dashboard can be customized and offer a powerful tool to the city officials in the decision making process.

Smart Traffic & Crisis Management

Smart Traffic solution analyzes a large amount of real time mobile data to provide a complete traffic overview that helps a city to keep traffic moving. Smart Crisis management on the other hand provides cities with a tool to reduce response times and optimize response measures in case of a major incident. During crisis every moment counts and information is the key.


We offer different and compelling WIFI Packages for cities to provide free internet access for citizens and tourists, which can be set up for example in the city centers, local communities, public buildings. Free public WIFI is also supported by European Union through the WIFI4EU initiative.

Learn more See Smart City Solution Booklet (pdf)

Where to find us

You will find the Deutsche Telekom booth right in the golden triangle between MAIN ENTRANCE, CONGRESS and SMART CITY PLAZA.

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